Saturday, September 26, 2009

Glinda Costume - Part I

Over a month ago, Evelyn mentioned that she wanted to be a ghost for Halloween. How easy would that be? And very weather-appropriate for late October in Maryland since you can layer warm clothes under the costume without adding bulk.

A couple of weeks ago, after watching The Wizard of Oz, Evelyn changed her mind. At first, she wanted to be Dorothy . . . again. Evelyn was Dorothy for the past two years; she fit into the same costume when she was three- and four-years-old.

If she wanted to dress up as Dorothy for a third year in a row, I would have to make a new costume. There is no way Evelyn would fit into the costume from the two previous years. If I'm going to sew a new costume, why not be something different? Like, say, Glinda the Good Witch? You already have a silver magic wand? (And I already have the necessary sewing pattern.) Sold!
If you have ever sewn something from a pattern, you probably know that the first step is all about planning. You need to make sure you have all the right materials and accessories (I'm about 75% of the way there), and you need to go on a scavenger hunt to find all the correctly-numbered pieces of the pattern. So there's a picture of the planning stage of Evelyn's Glinda costume. I almost didn't find all the pieces, but eventually number 15 showed up. Whew!


k. said...

I was just looking at vintage sewing patterns on ebay yesterday. Truth is, I need to work on things I already have!