Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Rangers Come to Baltimore

The Texas Rangers played the Orioles this afternoon, and we headed up to Baltimore to see Evelyn's favorite baseball team.

This was everyone's first trip to Camden Yards, so I just had to take a picture of the front of the stadium. Evelyn completed the photo op.
There was no way we girls were going to wear anything but red, white and blue to today's game - we had to show support for our team. Troy even found a Rangers baseball cap for me to wear, just so there wouldn't be any confusion about which team we were rooting for.

We all had our share of stadium fare at today's game: hot dog, chicken fingers, fries (Julia is munching on one in the picture below), lemonade, peanuts and ice cream. Thankfully the four of us shared all of that food, so nobody ended up with a tummy ache.
Evelyn has been to so many baseball games that I've lost count. She knows how to watch the game and be considerate of the other fans. As for Julia, this is only her third game. And she's a baby. A baby who likes to crawl around and get into trouble. That said, Julia did amazingly well at today's game. She was perfectly content hanging out on me, eating, or playing with her sippy cup of water, or yelling, or clapping, or waving to the people around us.
Even though our Rangers lost the game 7-0, we still had fun. Here's proof that we were still in good spirits at the end of the game: