Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to Hiking

The weather this morning was too perfect to not go to Sugarloaf Mountain. After Troy and I decided to tackle a hiking adventure, I packed a picnic lunch, and we scooted out the door. We have found that the trails aren't too busy in the morning - usually before lunch - and that was the case again today. We started our hike around 11:15 this morning, and hardly anyone else was on our favorite trail.

Even though we already have several pictures of various Sugarloaf Mountain hiking trips, I couldn't leave the camera at home. Here are some of my favorites from today:
I carried Julia on the way up, and Troy carried her on the way down. An additional 25 pounds makes a huge difference when you're climbing a mountain!

Evelyn thought this looked like a good place to take a picture. I thought it looked like a good place to take a break.
Here's Julia, our newest rock climber. This proved to be more of a challenge than she wanted, especially after nearly falling backwards a couple of times. Thank goodness I was there to catch her!
I helped the little adventurer find a shady rock to sit on. She didn't move from this spot, playing with pebbles on the ground. Here she is, happily showing off one of her finds.


k. said...

We considered hiking, but never got up off our butts. Maybe tomorrow (we have other plans today). The girls look so happy! Hope ya'll have fun at the Rangers game today.