Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rough Day

Today was a rough day for Evelyn.

Her first incident occurred in the cafeteria at lunch time. As she sat down at her table, she scooted over to make room for a friend. While sliding down the seat, Evelyn leaned against what she thought was the back of the seat. The picnic-table style seat doesn't have anything for her to lean against, so she fell backwards, right off of her seat. She hit her head on the floor, and then she cried and cried. Whenever a student hits his or her head, it's an automatic pass to the nurse's office. That's where Evelyn ate her lunch, supervised by the nurse to make sure everything was alright. Evelyn was fine (she doesn't even have a bump from where she bonked the floor), and she was able to join her friends for recess.

The second thing happened at the back-to-school picnic this evening. The weather couldn't have been better, and there was a pretty big turn-out for tonight's event. Our family of four enjoyed the pizza and music, followed by fun on the playground equipment and the soccer field. By 7:30, Julia was ready to leave, so Troy headed home with her. I stayed at the school with Evelyn so she could play a bit longer. I chatted with a couple of moms while Evelyn monkeyed around on the bars and slides. Before long, I couldn't see Evelyn anywhere. After a few minutes, I started to get concerned. Who should walk up to me right about then but the principal with a crying Evelyn in tow. She had wandered pretty far from where I was, and she got scared because she couldn't find me. Thankfully she was able to tell the principal what I was wearing, and he was able to spot me in the crowd of parents and students.

The poor girl had quite a trying day. Hopefully her Friday will be much better!