Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Critter Cruise

Today's adventure involved going on a boat ride, with the hopes of seeing various animals. We boarded the Assateague Adventure for the 9:00 tour. We headed south of Ocean City, Maryland, cruising in the Sinepuxent Bay. We first saw several clamming and fishing boats in the bay, unloading cargo.

Then we docked at the northern end of Assateague Island. We were encouraged to take fishing nets and wade through both the marsh and bay waters, looking for marine life to catch.
Troy and Julia cornered some small fish in a marshy area, where they caught three fish in their net. Evelyn then grabbed them with her bare hands. Troy almost caught a small blue crab, but the crab was too speedy and got away.

How did we convince a squeamish Julia to walk through the water? We mandated that she keep her Keen sandals on. She then had no problem walking through the grassy waters of the marsh and the bay.
On the ride back to the Ocean City dock, kids were invited to show marine animals to all the guests aboard the boat. Evelyn was asked to carry a starfish around the boat. She was beyond excited to hold a real, live starfish.
The boat's guide carried the horseshoe crab around to show everyone. Evelyn was brave enough to touch its underside.