Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer Schedule

We girls had a great daily schedule this summer. Our weekdays would usually go something like this:
* breakfast
* play time
* lunch
* Julia nap/Evelyn homework
* pool
* supper

Sometimes Evelyn would go to gymnastics day camp in the morning. But I especially liked the unorganized play time the girls would have in the mornings. Kids need to have time to be creative on their own, making up their own stories while playing with toys. Julia and Evelyn would commonly play together in the basement, having tea parties or running trains around the tracks.

Evelyn actually looked forward to doing homework in the afternoons during Julia's naps. No matter if it was reading, writing or math, Evelyn would be excited about the afternoon's "lessons." I attribute Evelyn's significant growth in reading to her consistency in working with words all throughout the summer. I'm really curious to see what her reading level is at the start of first grade.

For weekday suppers, I would plan on either warming up leftovers or making quick meals so we could stay at the pool until 6:00. Going to the pool helped with Evelyn's baths/showers - she hardly took any baths at home this summer because she would shower at the pool. And I would usually throw Julia into the tub right when we got home from the pool. The girls would be all cleaned up before eating supper, making for a more relaxing evening.