Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Day at the Beach

The waves in the ocean were between five and seven feet high all day today. Combined with high tide at 11:00 a.m., and that made for a potentially flooded beach. There was no way we were going to set up our things until after lunch, when we would know where our stuff could stay dry. So, we ended up taking a walk on the beach this morning to check out the big waves. The beach pictures below were taken at 9:00 this morning, about two hours before high tide.

After our morning walk along the beach, the girls hung out on the condo patio, checking out all the seashells they've found over the past couple of days. After they tired of that, we headed a few miles up the road to Bethany Beach and strolled along the boardwalk there. Then we grabbed a bite to eat at Mango's on the boardwalk - they really catered to kids and the food was fantabulous. We will definitely return to that restaraunt next year!

Turns out the water did come up the beach quite a ways. After Julia's nap, we set up our beach equipment close to the sand dune. Evelyn had fun playing in a big puddle left by the high tide, and Julia was content to play in the dry sand next to the dune. It wasn't quite the day we had hoped for as our last day of vacation, but we had fun nonetheless.