Monday, August 30, 2010

Julia's Take on the First Day of School

So, at breakfast this morning, Mommy completely took me by surprise when she told me that Evelyn was going to school today. I just stared at her like, "Whaaaat? You must be joking." Both Evelyn and Mommy responded to my look of disbelief with upbeat things like, "It's my first day of first grade!" and "Evelyn can't wait to see her friends!" Hmpf.

I did get all excited, though, when it was time to put on our shoes and head out the door. The morning walk to school! With friends! Yippee! But wait, what's this? Stopping for pictures before getting in the stroller? Well, okay, I suppose I'll smile for the camera, too. Cheese!
I was awfully quiet on the walk to school. I had to mull this over . . . did I want Evelyn to be gone all day? I wasn't sure. However, once we got home - without my big sister - I got so engrossed with my toys (all mine!!!) that I completely forgot about the school thing.

After finishing my lunch, I asked Mommy, "Go get Evelyn now?" She said no, it wasn't time, yet. Apparently we would get Evelyn after my nap. Oh. Okay. I was tired after playing all morning, so I caved for my naptime routine. After my nap, the first question I asked Mommy was, "Go get Evelyn?" She actually said yes! Alright! Let's get this show on the road! We got our shoes on, headed out the door and got loaded into the car.

Mommy's knee surgery won't let her walk to school in the afternoon this week, but that's okay. That means I get to watch videos in the car while we wait to pick up Evelyn from school. After waiting in the car pool line for awhile, and asking Mommy where Evelyn was quite a few times, my big sister finally made her appearance! She was all smiles after her first day of school, and I was all smiles after finally being reunited with my Evelyn.

But wait, do we have to do this all over again tomorrow?