Saturday, September 17, 2011

Painting Ceramics

We girls headed up to the Painted Cone in Urbana this morning. The Painted Cone's name says it all - you can paint ceramics and/or eat ice cream, all under one roof. We girls have been there before to enjoy their ice cream, but today was the first time we went there to paint. The plan was for the girls to each paint a light switch cover for their rooms, but the shop was out of light switch covers. Plan B: the girls could choose something else to paint.

It took some effort, but after longing for a princess, I persuaded Julia to paint a plate. The painted (and then kiln-fire-glazed) plate will be safe to eat off of, which makes it practical. I also didn't think Julia would have the patience to paint a 9-inch tall princess. Julia agreed to go with the plate, she chose her six colors and then set to work.
The last time we were in the Painted Cone for ice cream, Evelyn had been admiring this donut piggy bank. So she was thrilled that there was one available for her to paint today. Just like with Julia, I let Evelyn pick her colors, and she got right to work.
After painting green, pink and purple splotches, Julia didn't want to paint any more because she was "tired." So I took over, filling in the empty spaces with red, blue and yellow. Julia watched me paint, and she told me where to put which color. When I was almost finished, Julia got a second wind and wanted to have the paintbrush back. She then added a few finishing touches with pink and purple paint. I honestly have no idea what Julia's plate will look like after it has been fired in the kiln, especially with all the layering of colors she did. It will definitely be unique!
Evelyn painted the base of her donut a beige color, then she painted the icing pink, and finally she painted the sprinkles various colors. I think this donut piggy bank will look really tasty after its kiln session. We'll just have to wait and see!