Saturday, June 15, 2013

From Maryland to Massachusetts

Here is our moving day in pictures.  Personally, I was sad to leave the hydrangeas and butterfly bushes (aka buddleja) behind.  I hand-picked these beauties; hopefully the new owners will like them.
 I didn't let the girls walk through their bedrooms this morning.  They didn't ask to do that, and I wasn't going to encourage excess sadness.  We all settled for one last picture in front of the Germantown townhouse.
 There were (understandably) plenty of tears for the first couple of minutes as we drove away.  Then the girls settled down to do several roadtrip activities.  Here's Evelyn, writing and drawing.
 The girls watched a couple of movies.  With headphones, so Troy and I could enjoy music in the front.
 We stopped at a service area just east of Trenton, New Jersey for lunch.  We shared Quiznos sandwiches and chips.  Not pictured is Rosie, chillin' in her cat carrier, so she wouldn't get hot in the sunny car.
 Julia and Evelyn were so excited to see the New York City skyline!
 The George Washington Bridge was pretty cool.  Since we were stuck in a traffic jam, I had plenty of time to take pictures.  (It only took us a little over an hour to drive through the NYC metro area.)
Let's combine a sleeping kitty with a movie-watching Evelyn for this picture...
 ...and now a sleeping kitty with a drawing Julia.  Clearly, Rosie's sleepy medicine was working.
 No, I didn't give Julia any of the mellowing meds.  She just decided that nine hours in a car was grounds for taking a nap.
 After a ten-hour road trip, we had arrived at the Creek House!  The girls explored the backyard for a little bit.  It was getting late, and it had been quite an exhausting day.
 And then we headed to the front for a quick picture before heading in for the night.