Monday, June 10, 2013

Julia's Last Flower Buds Program

Julia and I went to her last Flower Buds preschool nature program at Brookside Gardens this morning.  Yes, it was a rainy day, but that didn't keep us from going on the scavenger hunt hike through the children's garden.  Julia found all of the plants on her scavenger hunt paper, but only one of the critters...a worm.
 After going on the short hike, I helped Julia make a "grow buddy."  This one is supposed to be a turtle.  The top shell of the turtle is the toe of pantyhose, filled with grass seed and sawdust.  When we move to Massachusetts, we will give Julia's grow buddy water so the grass seed can start growing through the top of the shell.
 After the official nature program was over, and we had said good-bye to the teacher that we've known for the past five and a half years, Julia and I decided to go on our own hike through the gardens.  Would you believe Julia almost stepped on this guy?!?  When I pointed out that her boots were right next to a frog, she screamed and hid behind me.  We learned that this native Maryland amphibian is called a green frog...even though the only green on it is just below the eyes.
 Here's Julia, carefully looking where she is stepping while hiking on the trail.
 It is tradition for Julia and me to have lunch at la Madeleine after going to Brookside Gardens.  And this high-top table was "our" table.  I always packed a lunch for Julia (little miss picky eater that she is), while I dined on one of the restaurant's delectable soups, salads or sandwiches.  We will surely miss our second-Monday-of-the-month routine.