Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Advanced Gymnastics

Today was the third day (and the third week) Evelyn attended her advanced gymnastics class. She was invited to join this class because of both her upper body strength and her intense concentration when learning new skills.

The first two weeks were a bit frustrating for Evelyn. She is the newest student in the class, and therefore she can't execute some of the moves and skills as well as the other girls (yet!). We have been talking with Evelyn about how she needs to learn new, difficult things to get better. She has also been practicing floor exercises at home. If we only had a balance beam and a bar at home, she would be practicing those skills, too.

Below are some pictures of Evelyn doing her seal stretch and bridge. Amazing flexibility, for sure!


k. said...

Oh boy. I just tried the seal stretch. Nope. Can't do that one. I could when I was her age though. I will work on it. I can feel that I need to stretch out my hips and low back. The wheel I can do, but not for too long. Great job Evelyn!