Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Goings-On

Julia went to her first swimming lesson this morning at the Germantown Recreation Center. I had the honor of playing with Julia in the water. At first she acted like she couldn't quite figure out why we were sitting in cool (but not cold, thank goodness) water with a bunch of other little people. After doing the warm-up activity in the super-shallow area, the class moved to the three-foot area and did fun activities like songs, front floats and back floats. I would consider the lesson a success because Julia never cried.

After lunch, we all headed over to a nearby garden center to load up on annual flowers for our front yard. We had a 25%-off coupon for our total purchase, and it's amazing what $50 will do for the front area of a townhouse. Simply amazing. I wish I had taken before and after pictures because the comparison is like night and day. Anyway - We found some stepping stones to make a path in the narrow area where we walk to turn on the faucet (no more trekking through mud and leaves and weeds). We bought imaptiens (Troy's favorite ) to put in the shady spots. For sunny annuals, we got purple ageratums, pink asters, pinkish-purple dianthus and yellow snapdragons. Finally, to make the transformation complete, we got mulch, which really made the grass, bushes and flowers pop. I will probably post a picture after a month or so, when the flowers have had a chance to fill in.

Did I mention the temperature was over 90 degrees today?