Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flight to Denver

The trip today from Baltimore to Denver went well. What I mean is that our flight was on time, and there weren't any problems acquiring our rental car (Toyota minivan - fun stuff). The girls painted a different picture, especially with Julia.

Let's start with the good news first. It was Evelyn's best flight. Considering this flight was a little over four hours long, that's saying something. She only had problems with her ears bothering her during the first 20 minutes of the flight. After that, she was fine. She ate her McDonald's lunch, then she colored, watched a Thomas video on the portable DVD player and finally colored some more. Oh, let's not forget the trip to the bathroom. It was a tight fit, but we got all three of us in the airplane bathroom so Evelyn could use the facility.

Julia, on the other hand, had the worst flight ever. At this age, she likes being held, but she reaches a time limit for how long she wants to be held. Four hours is MUCH too long for the little Sunshine. The last hour of the flight was just horrible, with Julia writhing and crying in my lap. She was also very tired, I'm sure. She only had a short cat-nap in the car on the ride from our house to the Baltimore airport this morning. After hitting the road in our rental, it didn't take long for Julia to fall asleep in her car seat.

I wonder what the trip home will bring . . .