Monday, April 20, 2009

Behind the Scenes

Evelyn had a chance to go behind the scenes today. The first stop was the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Even though we visited this museum Friday afternoon, Evelyn requested to go back because she hadn't seen everything she wanted to. No problem, since Uncle Eric has a membership that we borrowed. After checking out the space exhibits, we headed to the dinosaur area. When we walked past the laboratory, we were lucky enough to see a scientist cleaning a fossil. Not only that, but the window was open so that we could talk with the scientist. He told us about the ankylosaurus plate fossil he was cleaning. Since Evelyn loves dinosaurs, she knew exactly what the guy was talking about. She even got to touch the fossil. Very cool for a little girl who loves dinosaurs.

The next stop was the RTD maintenance facility. Evelyn's Uncle Eric works for the Denver transportation district, so he managed to make an appointment to tour the yards where the light-rail trains are serviced and cleaned. This is also the place where they "live," and Evelyn was able to see some of the trains leave for shifts. She helped move a switch to change the direction of the tracks the trains travel on. She walked through the engine wash area - I don't think Evelyn was as nervous as I was that the whole thing would start spinning and spraying while we were in there. Great stuff for our Train Girl.