Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Amazing Customer Service

I was wowed by the incredible customer service I experienced during our trip back home today. It all started when we dropped off our rental car at Enterprise. The guy who checked in the car was super-friendly at the ungodly hour of 6:00 a.m., and he helped me unload our luggage. The shuttle driver was also very helpful and friendly.

I am always pleasantly surprised at the efficiency of the security lines at Denver International Airport. The security workers know what they're doing, and they offer helpful advice before you realize you need help. For example, I was looking around to find the special line for families of children that have food and/or liquid in their carry-on baggage (read: Julia's jar of baby food). Before I knew it, someone directed me to the correct line. I should also mention the help with collapsing and opening the stroller for the xray conveyor belt - much appreciated when my hands are full.

After we made it through security, our next stop was breakfast. Evelyn had pancakes on the brain, and our only option was a sit-down place. I figured I would get everything I truly needed for both girls at a place like that (as opposed to McDonald's), and I was right. The waitress provided me with every little extra thing I requested, and she never acted like it was out of the ordinary.

I need to write to Southwest Airlines to commend one of their flight attendants. Overall, we girls had very pleasant experiences flying Southwest for this trip - (decent-sized) snacks, drinks and friendly staff. But today was even better. I needed to make Julia's cereal, so I rang for a flight attendant to bring some water. When she came back with the water, it was almost as if she could read my mind: How in the world am I going to make cereal in this cramped space and keep Julia from making a huge mess? The flight attendant said, "I have grandkids, and I know how to make baby cereal. Give me the container and the cereal, and I'll be right back." That's exactly what happened - in just moments, the flight attendant returned with perfectly-made cereal.


k. said...

That's awesome--good customer service always makes everything better. Ross spent forever on the phone with Verizon yesterday--they were tried to sell him DSL! This after he signed up for it and they told him it is not available in our area! I think he spoke to 3 or 4 people in order to get our bill and service straightened out!