Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beach Trip Day 2

It only took us one day to get into a routine: breakfast, beach, lunch, naptime/pool, beach, supper, bedtime. That schedule seemed to work well for everyone. (I'm sure you could have guessed, but Julia took a nap, and Evelyn went to the pool.) Kat and Ross joined us for most of the time we were vacationing at the beach, and they joined us for beach time and supper.

Last night, someone told us that pods of dolphins frequently swim up and down the coast in the morning. Sure enough, that's the first thing we saw today. The dolphins were swimming in the ocean for about two hours this morning. You can see one in the picture below, off in the distance.
We found a new way to keep Julia interested in playing under the beach umbrella: a bucket of water. Now she could dip her toys into the water, put sand in the water, fling water all over the place, dump water onto the sand, and on and on. Here's our little "sugar-coated donut" baby, playing in the shade of the umbrella this morning:

And to give you an idea of what our home base looked like . . .
Evelyn loved using the slope of the beach to practice her handstands. She got into a rhythm while playing by the shore: she would run out to the water as the waves receded, dip her hands into the water, run away from the incoming waves and do a handstand. She would repeat this routine over and over.
When we came back to the beach for round two, I decided to try riding the waves on a wake board. It's a little tricky to time the waves right, especially for a newbie like myself, but I still had fun. Well, I mostly had fun. Being tossed about and thrown on the jagged seashells isn't exactly comfortable, but the element of surprise sure is exciting!
We ended our day by having a picnic-style supper outside. Our condo had a deck with a few large picnic tables on the east side of the building, which meant it was completely in the shade in the evening. The deck was on the first floor, our condo was on the first floor. It was super simple to take our meal outside and dine al fresco, listening to the waves crashing on the beach. Plus we didn't care if Evelyn and Julia made a mess!