Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ralph's World

Back in May, my friend Kat gave me a brochure about Longwood Gardens. From the looks of the brochure, the Gardens seemed to be a lot like the Dallas Arboretum, complete with outdoor summer concerts. One of the concerts that caught my eye was Ralph's World on August 7th.

Yesterday we Luster girls headed to Longwood Gardens (in Pennsylvania) to see Ralph's World. We have been listening to four of Ralph's CDs in the car, so we were all ready to sing along. Here's Evelyn dancing and shaking her hips to one of the songs -

After about two or three songs, Ralph invited the kids to come up right in front of the stage to dance. Evelyn didn't need to be told twice to join the kiddie mosh pit, and she stayed up there for most of the concert.
For the very last song, Ralph asked anyone and everyone in the audience to come up on the stage. Evelyn didn't even think to ask permission - she just followed the crowd up to the stage. If you look closely in the picture below, you can see Evelyn on the left, admiring her (now) favorite singer.

After the concert, kids lined up for pictures and autographs. Here is Evelyn with Ralph, right after he autographed her concert ticket.