Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten!

For the past 18 days, Evelyn has been counting down to the start of Kindergarten. A paper chain helped out with the count-down; Evelyn took a paper link off of the chain each morning. Guess what? Today we took off the last link!
We joined the "8:30 Club" to walk to school this morning. Including Evelyn, five neighborhood kids leave at 8:30 to make the trek to school. Our walk goes past a marsh, where ducks and beavers live. Here's a picture of Evelyn (with one of her friends) looking for critters in the marsh. Her school, Great Seneca Creek Elementary, is at the top of the hill.

Today we were able to walk Evelyn all the way to her classroom. You can tell that her smile has changed from the picture that was taken in front of our house to the one below, where she is standing outside her classroom door. She never cried (neither did I), but you could tell Evelyn was a bit apprehensive. We said our goodbyes, and Evelyn joined her classmates on the floor in front of Miss Armstrong, the teacher.
After school, I asked Evelyn about her day. It seems that she had one or two recesses, she enjoyed her snack bar at snack time, there were LOTS of Kindergarteners in the cafeteria at lunch time (a little over 100, actually), she ate her lunch without needing any assistance, Miss Armstrong read a story, she drew a picture of monkeys climbing in the jungle, and she went to the bathroom. I'm looking forward to the parent information night next week, when I will get a better idea of what our little Peanut does every day at school.
I made a special dessert for Evelyn: cream-filled chocolate cupcakes. Naturally, I had to make purple frosting. It looks like Evelyn enjoyed her treat!