Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beach Trip Day 4

Sadly, today was our last day at the beach. We loved the condo we were staying in - it was a great place to stay with nice accomodations and super-easy access to the beach. Julia liked exploring all the different places at the condo, including the built-in television cabinet. It was a great hiding place for the Little Bug.
This morning we didn't have time to lounge and play on the beach like we did the previous three days, but we did go for a walk along the shore. Julia finally warmed up to the sights and sounds of the ocean, and she couldn't wait to walk in the sand with the rest of us. Sometimes she would stray off course and head toward the water. A crashing wave would remind her how close she was to the ocean, and then she would head the other direction.

Evelyn's favorite part of going to the beach was finding seashells. The shells on this beach were smaller than she had expected, but Evelyn still made quite a haul. If we hadn't made her turn around, I'm sure Evelyn would've kept walking and walking, searching for more seashells.
Here's one last look at Julia and me walking on the beach, with our condo in the background. We had a great time at Fenwick Island, and hopefully we'll be back next summer!


Disobedient Tiger said...

I fully expected Julia to have locked herself in the TV cabinet the first day. Heck, I would have if I could fit.