Thursday, August 6, 2009

Julia's New Toy

Once upon a time, Julia received a Toys R Us gift card for her birthday from her Uncle Matt and Aunt Taylor. We hadn't used it, yet, because we were waiting to see what Julia might need. We have several baby toys, so we wanted to wait until Julia was a bit older and more mobile before adding to our collection of toys.

At Julia's physical therapy session last week, the therapist suggested that we get a toy shopping cart for Julia to push around. Perfect! Now we could use the gift card! We went to the toy store last night and bought Jules her new wheels.

The therapist advised we put heavy cans of food in the cart to help weigh it down. That way Julia wouldn't be as likely to tip it over while trying to walk. Just moments after we had assembled the shopping cart and filled it with canned goods, Julia was off. Check out the video of her zipping through the house with her new toy. Listen for Julia's giggle at the very end, after she falls down.


k. said...

Man, that thing is a full-on walker! Keep at it Julia, you're going to have super strong muscles pushing all those cans around!