Sunday, October 4, 2009

Butler's Orchard 2009

For the second year in a row, we headed to Butler's Orchard for their Pumpkin Festival. "Festival" is the right word to describe all of the autumn activities - there is so much to do! We arrived at the orchard right when it opened at 10:00, which meant a great parking space right next to the entrance.

Our first stop was the tractor-pulled hay rack ride that took us out to the pumpkin patch. Evelyn loved the ride, and Julia didn't quite know what to think of it, but she was content. Once we got to the pumpkin patch, we tossed Julia into a wheelbarrow and headed off in search of the perfect pumpkins. We found a little pumpkin for Julia, and Evelyn found a bigger pumpkin for herself, which she plans to carve into a jack-o-lantern.
Julia didn't want to sit in the wheelbarrow the entire time we were at the pumpkin patch - she wanted to walk around the field like the rest of us. However! Pumpkin patches are tricky places for little ones to wander around. She had to rely on either Troy or myself to hold her hand and guide her around the pumpkin vines.Here's Evelyn with her prized pumpkin.

The ride back to the main activities area was just as much fun, maybe even better since we had our pumpkins with us.
After the hay rack rides and pumpkin patch, Troy and Evelyn took our pumpkins back to the car, and then we wandered around to find more fun things to do. I think we spent about half an hour going down the big slides - all three of us girls even went down together! Evelyn was brave enough to go down the slide several times on her own.

After the slides, Troy and Evelyn chased each other around a hay bale maze, Julia snacked on crackers, Evelyn went on a moon bounce, Julia snacked on crackers, Evelyn played on a wooden train, and Julia snacked on crackers. Everyone was perfectly (and happily) exhausted after spending two and a half hours at the pumpkin festival.