Monday, October 26, 2009

Julia's Motor Skills

In the last week, Julia has fine-tuned some motor skills that are worth noting: throwing a ball, feeding herself with a spoon and coloring.

Troy, Evelyn and I have been trying to get Julia to throw a ball over-handed for about a month. She got the hang of it Saturday night, and she was pleased as punch to discover that new skill. After she would throw the ball, she would smile and clap and dance.

I'm not brave enough to let Julia feed herself sloppy food with a spoon. But she is very successful when eating Cheerios or Goldfish from a spoon. One of these days, when I'm prepared for a mess, I'll let her have a go at a cup of yogurt or applesauce.

One of Julia's favorite activities at the gym day care is coloring. When she first gets to the gym, she usually asks one of the teachers "Color?" Then she heads over to the table, sits on a chair, and waits for some paper and crayons. She does a nice job of scribbling on the paper (not the table), and she likes to use a variety of colors.


k. said...

Yeah, Julia really wanted to feed herself the yoghurt last week. When it was all gone I let her feed herself whatever she could manage to scrape out of the cup (mostly air).

Disobedient Tiger said...

i spilled soup on my pants