Thursday, September 29, 2011

Black Hill Boat Ride

The girls didn't have school today, so I had signed them up for a boat ride and story time at Black Hill Regional Park. Julia has been to a couple of these programs, but this was Evelyn's first. It was a cloudy, drizzly day, but the pontoon boat had a roof, so we stayed nice and dry during the hour-long excursion.Turtles prefer to be out in sunny weather, so we were lucky to see even one today...and here it is!
We saw lots and lots of Canadian geese in and around the lake. But we also caught a glimpse of this gray lag goose, hanging out in a patch of wildflowers.
The girls kept track of the things they saw on a scavenger hunt paper. Shortly after seeing three deer, Julia got right to work coloring the picture of a deer.
We were hoping to see an eagle while out and about, but we didn't. However, we saw the next-best thing: two great blue herons. We girls had a great time cruising around the lake this morning, looking for and learning about the wildlife that lives there.