Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day Out with Thomas - Edaville

Thomas is visiting Edaville (less than an hour from our house) this weekend and next weekend.  With today's weather picture-perfect, we decided today was the day to visit Thomas!
 This is the fifth Thomas venue we Lusters have attended, and this one just might rank first place.  In addition to all of the fun Thomas activities that are included with Day Out with Thomas, Edaville has several carnival rides that are included with the price of admission.  That's code-speak for there's always something to do, like riding this carousel (a favorite of the girls).
 Our train ride was scheduled for the afternoon, so that gave us plenty of time to wander around and take in the sights.  Or visit with Sir Topham Hatt.  At six years old, Julia was finally brave enough to stand with him on her own . . . but notice how far away she's standing from him compared to Evelyn.  Ha!
 After a tasty lunch at Edaville's on-site restaurant, it was time for our train ride with Thomas.  Julia was ready, with her train hat and whistle.
 The train ride was a scenic one, starting at the train depot . . .
 . . . through the Edaville park, and also through cranberry bogs (of which, apparently, I didn't take a picture).
 At any time during the day, you can have your picture taken with Thomas.  Our family ritual is to pose with Thomas after our train ride, which is what the girls did today.  Because of the age difference, Julia enjoyed her Day Out with Thomas more than Evelyn.  However, Evelyn is a long-time train fanatic, and she had a good time, too.