Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mansion Beach

We very may well have found the best beach on Block Island today.  We had heard the Mansion Beach was gorgeous and sandy (aka, not many rocks).  We packed up snacks and lunch, along with everything else we bring to the beach, and headed to Mansion Beach.

The waves today were still fairly large; leftovers from yesterday's stormy day.  Evelyn wasn't too sure about the waves, though, especially since she has had a two-year break from playing in the ocean.
 Julia thought about the water, but she wasn't quite ready to get wet this morning.

 Lunch time!  Our usual beach fare consisted of sandwiches, chips, grapes and yogurt, along with Capri Sun or water to drink.  We timed our lunch break with sunscreen re-application time, so the sunscreen could soak in while we ate lunch.
 After lunch, Julia was all about splashing around in the water.  She didn't want to dunk her head, but she was braver than we thought she would be when it came to frolicking in the waves.
 Sand castle creations, mostly Evelyn's doing.
 Toward the end of our day, we took a stroll up the beach, heading north from Mansion Beach.   Clearly a lot more rocks (even boulders) were up this way, but that provided new places to hunt for shells and critter.
We spent a little over six hours at Mansion Beach today, and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute!