Friday, August 15, 2014

What to Do, What to Do . . .

Our initial plan today was to go to Mohegan Bluffs beach in the morning, followed by another beach in the afternoon.  I forgot to check the tide schedule to see if that would match our plans.  If you look past the girls in the picture below, you can see there's hardly any sand on the beach.  That's because the tide was coming in, and it wouldn't be high tide for another two hours.  Once we figured that out, we headed back to the rental house to work on Plan B.
 Troy and Evelyn wanted to explore the northern-most tip of the island, which included a walk to the North Lighthouse.  It was a good day for a stroll along the beach, and they enjoyed themselves.
 Julia and I weren't feeling up for a walk (my knee needed a rest, and Julia was just feeling lazy), so we stayed at the house.  Julia took advantage of the sidewalk chalk she found in the rental house, and wrote directions for all the foot traffic that passes by.
 She and I also hung out on the porch, watching all the people go by.  Julia really enjoyed listening to the comments people made about her sidewalk chalk signs.
 After lunch, we walked over to Kid Beach.  I played with one of the filters on my phone . . .
 . . . Evelyn built cities in the sand . . .
 . . . and Troy had some cuddle time with Julia.