Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mohegan Bluffs Beach

We decided to be adventurous to get to today's beach.  At first, it didn't look so bad.  The Block Island guide book had said there were 150 steps to get from the parking lot to the beach.  Yup.  We found the steps. 
 Something the guide book forgot to mention was scrambling down rocks for the last 30 feet of the descent.  Not a good idea to access this beach wearing flip flops, but we all survived.
 This morning, with our visit coinciding with low tide, the beach was absolutely perfect.
 The sand was so soft, and there were several places along the beach where we could venture out into the ocean without bruising our feet on rocks and boulders.
 But before braving the waves, Julia and Troy built some rock sculptures.  The goal of a rock sculpture is to carefully balance the rocks and make as tall a sculpture as possible.
 Naturally, we saw birds.  This time an osprey graced us with its presence.
 Wanting to take advantage of the large waves on this south side of the island, Troy and Evelyn headed into the water.  There were many large waves that crashed over them.  In the picture below, Troy stayed above while Evelyn ducked under the wave.
 A tradition at Mohegan Bluffs is to cover your skin with the healing Mohegan mud.  I'm sure it's wonderful for your skin and complexion, but Evelyn was the only one who gave herself a treatment (and only on her hands).
 One final shot of our picture-perfect morning at Mohegan -