Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kid Beach

We got to our rental house around 2:30.  After an hour of unpacking the car, we were ready for the beach.  We had been told our rental was within walking distance to Kid Beach.  We also knew that the closest shore was east of our rental.  We packed up our beach gear and started walking.  When we saw this sign, we knew we hadn't gotten lost.
Kid Beach, on the southern tip of Crescent Beach, is sheltered from the big waves, which is how it got its name.  You can see in the pictures below how small the waves were this afternoon.
 Julia couldn't wait to be reunited with her big red bucket, requesting that it be filled with ocean water.  She got right to work, digging and playing with her bucket of water.
 Evelyn hopped the waves as best she could.  They were small, which was a good way for Evelyn to re-introduce herself to the ocean.  After all, it has been two years since the girls have swum in the ocean!  (The big boat in the background is similar to the ferry we road earlier this afternoon.)
 This is as close as Julia got to getting wet.  Which, again, is why this beach is appropriately named - it's perfect for timid ones.