Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Diary of an 8-Month-Old

Today's post is from Julia's point-of-view:

I scared someone today! I was at the gym (in the kids' area, of course), having fun, playing with toys, and the next thing I know, the baby girl next to me started crying. I heard the teachers tell Mommy that I was too loud. Oops. I just have a lot on my mind, and I want to make sure everyone hears what I have to say!

Walking to the grocery store was a new adventure. I got stuffed into that front-carrier. Then Mommy put her coat on and zipped me up inside like a cocoon. A pink hat and scarf completed my ensemble, and we were out the door. Walk to the store, loaded up on more squash and bananas (for me!), then back home. All the while strangers kept saying how cute I was. How do they know? All they could see was my face! (Did I mention the wind chill was 18 at the time?)

After we picked up Evelyn from that crazy, chaotic place called "preschool," I played on the kitchen floor while Evelyn had a snack at the table. Evelyn can't resist me, so she kept running over to me to kiss me on the head or give me a hug. The next thing I know, Mommy's got the camera, and she's taking pictures.

Ah, now for my adventures at the restaurant. Evelyn loves this IHOP place for their pancakes and butter pecan syrup. Me, I had the usual: rice cereal and butternut squash. I'm not sure if I like the squash, but I eat it. Heck, I'll eat anything right now!

After a long, busy day, I wound down by watching American Idol. Actually, it got me a little fired up. But that's alright. Daddy put me in my crib, where I have my rattle-bear and lambie to help me fall asleep. Night, night!