Friday, January 23, 2009

Show Week

This week was Show Week at the Little Gym for Evelyn. Since she was enrolled in two different classes for the semester, she performed in a gymnastics show and a dance show.

Tuesday was gymnastics. Evelyn performed three routines - floor, bars and balance beam. She really likes doing front supports on the bar (in the first picture below), but it seems her favorite is making up her own routine for the balance beam. Naturally, for Tuesday's show, she did the required beam routine. But I've seen her put together various skills to make her own routine.

Thursday's dance class was quite a show-stopper. The class demonstrated their tap dancing skills, and then it was time for ballet. At the moment, Evelyn is more interested in tap than ballet . . . but her preference changes frequently. After dancing to two songs, the girls performed their balance beam routine. This was the same routine from gymnastics, so Evelyn had it down-pat.

At the end of each class, Evelyn received a medal for all of her hard work over the past 20 weeks. For the next semester, Evelyn is only enrolled in the Little Gym's dance class; however, in addition to 15 minutes each of tap and ballet, the combination class includes 30 minutes of gymnastics. So Evelyn will be able to continue putting together balance beam routines.