Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Maryland Snow

We waited all last winter, and nothing happened. We've been waiting all this winter, and it finally happened - significant snow! Well, by Evelyn's standards, "significant" is at least one inch of snow that sticks around for more than a couple hours.

We woke up to the white stuff, and it snowed most of the day. It only snowed lightly, but Evelyn will take anything she can get. She was able to play outside two different times - during Julia's morning nap and then during Julia's afternoon nap. Clearly, there's nothing for a 9-month-old to do out in the snow, so I worked Evelyn's outdoor play around the baby's nap schedule.

Evelyn's favorite thing to do in the snow is make snow angels. Since we live in a townhouse (and not an end unit), we are very limited when it comes to a yard. In addition to making two snow angels in our little patches of grass, she also managed to make angels on the sidewalk (before I shoveled) and in Troy's parking space. When I noticed Evelyn's cheeks and nose turning pink, we came inside for hot chocolate with marshmallows.