Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lunch Dilemma!

Now a post from Evelyn's point-of-view:

Daddy forgot his lunch today! After saying good-bye to Daddy this morning, I went into the kitchen for breakfast. What did I find? Daddy's apple and (peanut butter and jelly) sandwich sitting on the counter! Oh, no!

Since it takes a little while for Daddy to get to work, Mommy insisted that I eat my breakfast before calling him. As soon as I put my dishes in the sink, I was on the phone, telling Daddy my plan to save him from starving at lunch-time today: we would bring his lunch to him. See, we were going over near Daddy's work for a penny theater show at the library anyway, so it made perfect sense.

Did I mention that Mommy and I baked chocolate chip cookies this morning? Well, we did. Today is the last day I will see Miss Amber, one of my favorite teachers at the Little Gym. So we made some cookies to bring to her as a good-bye gift. Naturally, we had to put a freshly-baked cookie in Daddy's lunch!

Just as planned, we drove to Daddy's work on our way to the library. When we pulled up to the front of his office, Daddy came out to meet us in the car. I handed Daddy his lunch and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Yippee! Now Daddy has his lunch for today! Disaster averted!


k. said...

Awesome. I should have a post from Bailey's point of view. Ha!