Saturday, January 3, 2009

Museum & Lunch

This morning Evelyn and I headed over to Council Bluffs, Iowa to check out their Union Pacific Railroad Museum. Thankfully Evelyn has been to enough train museums to know that each museum is different, and some don't have locomotives to climb around . . . this museum is strictly indoors. The closest Evelyn got to being on a real train today was climbing on a section of an observation car and sitting in a replica of a cab, where she pretended to drive the train.

But that's not to say that we didn't have fun! Today was the last day of a model train display, and Evelyn took in both N-scale and H-scale layouts. Even though there are several artifacts detailing the history of the Union Pacific railroad in the museum, we mostly hung out around the models.

After seeing all there was to see (for a four-year-old), we headed back to Omaha to enjoy lunch at the Bohemian Cafe. Evelyn ate her favorite: rye bread and a liver dumpling. I never know what Evelyn's "meal" will cost there. Sometimes we get charge 50 cents for a dumpling, sometimes a quarter. Today was a pleasant surprise . . . free! So, with the museum's free admission, Evelyn had great fun at no expense.