Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Traveling Back to Maryland

Thankfully our trip back to Maryland wasn't as eventful as the trip to Nebraska. Our flight from Omaha was delayed by an hour, but we had a long layover scheduled in Chicago, so I wasn't too worried about missing our connecting flight.

On the Omaha-to-Chicago flight, Julia was a little comedian. I was keeping her occupied with one of the airline's magazines, and Evelyn had a couple of vanilla cookies in her lap to nibble on. After awhile, the magazine wasn't holding her attention any more. Julia put the magazine on Evelyn's lap and reached for a cookie. Evelyn got all excited about Julia potentially stealing a cookie, so I held the baby at bay and gave her the magazine. Didn't work. Julia was persistant in her quest to trade a magazine for a cookie. She must've tried nearly a dozen times to make the trade, but Evelyn wouldn't give. Eventually, Julia gave up, but she had Evelyn and I laughing!

Once we landed in Chicago, Evelyn noticed flurries falling from the sky. Immediately she commented, "I'll bet they'll have to de-ice our plane." Thinking back to Chicago's forecast for the day (cloudy with a 10% chance of snow), I disagreed. But guess what? After we spent nearly two hours at O'Hare - about an hour of that playing in their kids' play zone - thick snowflakes were falling from the sky. Evelyn was absolutely right. Our plane did need to be de-iced before taking off for Washington.

Planes never leave Chicago on time, and today was no exception. We were only delayed by about 30 minutes, which is nothing compared to our most recent trip. The girls were home and tucked in their beds by 9:00 local time. Nothing helps you adjust from Central to Eastern time like a long day of travel.