Saturday, April 12, 2014

Egg- and Dairy-Free Birthday Party Food

Our family does not have any food allergies.  However, two of the friends who came to Julia's party today are allergic to egg and dairy products.  It was very important to Julia that all of her guests enjoy all of the food at her party, so she and I worked diligently with her friends' parents to plan and prepare egg- and dairy-free party food.

Let's start with the cake.  Using a Wilton butterfly cake pan, I made an egg- and dairy-free chocolate cake.  Then it was time to whip up homemade dairy-free frosting.  I simply substituted Earth Balance vegan buttery sticks for real butter.  Same texture, similar taste.
 I tinted the frosting per Julia's directions - she knew which sections should be which colors.  Wilton icing colors are known to be vegan, which also made them safe for Julia's cake.
I added antennae, a face and dots on the wings (again, per Julia's directions).  And...voila!  A beautiful, delicious butterfly cake...that nobody would guess was egg- and dairy-free.
 But let's not forget about the snacks the girls enjoyed during Julia's tea party.  A couple days ago, Julia and I made chocolate chip cookies - we used a Cherrybrook Kitchen box mix and Earth Balance "butter."  (Just like the cake, taste was not sacrificed - the party guests gobbled up the cookies.)  Julia also offered Oreo cookies.  The savory snack was Goldfish pretzel crackers.  We served grapes and pink lemonade, too.
Yummy party food that was also egg- and dairy-free.  That was Julia's goal, and we pulled it off without a hitch.  The only people that were in on our secret were the two girls with food allergies and their parents.  :)