Monday, April 21, 2014

Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

'Twas the first day of April vacation, and we girls headed to Amherst, Massachusetts to visit the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.  Even though this museum opened over a decade ago, I only first heard about it earlier this year.  I had read one of Carle's new picture books - What's Your Favorite Animal - and in the back it talked about the original illustrations from the book were on display at Eric Carle's museum.  Since this museum is less than two hours away from our house, I made plans to pay a visit during April vacation.

 The girls love art, and the girls love learning about authors and illustrators; this museum was a perfect fit for them.  We spent six hours at the museum (from its 10:00 opening to its 4:00 closing time), taking advantage of every opportunity possible.  We browsed through the three gallery displays, soaking up original picture book artwork and learning the back stories behind the pictures.  We saw two short movies, which featured stories from the galleries.  We went to a story time.  And . . .
 . . . we spent close to two hours in the art room.  Julia first created a flower on the light table with some laminated Eric Carle paper - so cool.
 Then the girls took their time making watercolor paintings.  April is Poetry Month, and there were several poetry anthologies scattered about the art room.  I read various poems to the girls while they worked.  I even created a couple of paintings.  What better souvenir of our day at the Carle than art?  We really enjoyed our day here today, but we probably won't come back until an illustrator that we absolutely LOVE is featured - it was fun, but it's an all-day excursion for us.