Saturday, April 12, 2014

Julia's Tea Party Birthday Party

Who's ready to host Julia's tea party birthday party?  We are!
 Evelyn was the DJ for the first activity:  freeze dance.  This was a good activity to do as the guests arrived because everyone could jump right in and play.
 After dancing up an appetite, it was time to settle down for snacks and pink lemonade.  Julia introduced everyone to the idea of holding their tea cups with their pinky up, and I told the girls that their tea cups had a special name - demitasse.  Fancy, fancy!
 Next up was the big craft of the day:  newspaper party hats.  First, we wrapped the girls' heads with three large pieces of newspaper.  I went around each girl's head several times with masking tape to keep the newspaper in place.  Then Evelyn curled up the newspaper to get it out of their faces.  Finally, the girls had an adult help them attach feather boas and fake flowers with a hot glue gun.
 Look at all those big, bold tea party hats!
 Next, we played "Pin the Ring on Minnie."  Three girls completely missed the poster, which made everyone burst out laughing.  After that game, I read a story to the girls - Tea Party Rules by Ame Dyckman.  They all loved the funny, unpredictable story as well as the clever illustrations.
Then it was cake time!  Julia had to take a couple of breaths to blow out all the candles, but she got the job done.
 After everyone indulged in some yummy chocolate cake, Julia opened her presents.  She wanted to thank each guest for their gift...and she did so with bear hugs.  Finally, as I put the guests' tea cups and saucers into the proper goodie bags/purses, Julia's friends played BINGO.  Before we knew it, the two-hour party was over and it was time to bid farewell to the guests.  A good time was had by all - especially the birthday girl!